Thompson 1928 Sub Machine Gun Replica

Thompson 1928 Sub Machine Gun Replica


Auto Ordinance/Kahr Arms Thompson 1927 A1 which is converted to resemble 1928 A1 Military Thompson Sub Machine gun with removable butt stock, auto/single markings, and non-functional selector switch.    

This package includes:

Auto Ordinance/Kahr Arms 1927/28 A1 Thompson SMG, 10.5" blank fire ribbed barrel, ATF blank fire barrel approval letter,  and the reduced pull spring kit.

WWII Era parts: Cutts compensator (screw on), pivot plate, selector switch, M1A1 forearm with sling swivel, removable butt stock, butt plate, sling and WWII era military inspector stamps.

  • Manufacturer: Kahr Arms

SMG can be converted back to live fire with re-installation of 16" barrel.

FFL Required for purchase. *Not a California Compliant Firearm.

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