Barrel Lining

Barrel Lining

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All chrome molly steel liners are hammer forged over a special mandrel, producing an extremely smooth and uniform bore of the desired dimensions. We offer different calibers, twist rates, bores, and diameters. For pricing for the calibers offered in the PDF below, please contact office for a quote.

Click here for a list of Barrel Liners

38 Caliber Revolver:  .351 Bore/.357 Groove/1 in 16 Twist/6 Lands/ 1/2" OD (max. 8 inches)

44 Caliber Revolver:  .421 Bore/.429 Groove/1in 16 L/H Twist/6 Lands/ 7/8" & 5/8" OD (max. 8 inches)

Click here for Howell Arms Work Form  that must be completed when shipping firearm in for installation.

Picture 1:  Un-finshed lined breech end 

Picture 2 & 3:  Finished lined muzzle end



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